Love, surf & raw food

par Claire Nouy | 2015-02-27 | Inspirations

Australienne, blonde, surfeuse, magnifique, tous ces mots décrivent Jana.

Australienne, blonde, surfeuse, magnifique, tous ces mots décrivent Jana.

Mais pas seulement. Jana est une jeune homéopathe-naturopathe, fondatrice de The Secret Kitchen - la beauté de ses photos, de ses créations nous envoûtent et nous donnent envie de prendre un ticket aller simple pour Bungan Beach.

Interview. (En anglais afin de conserver la magie des mots de Jana !)

When I wake up in the morning....I'm a morning person, I love sunrise and swim or surf. Nothing better then beautiful morning in the ocean....real meditation.

My tips to glow...nutritious, wholesome eating and conscious lifestyle. Treat everyone equally and in respect. Be kind, you never know the struggle the other person is going through

My magic elixir when I feel a bit weak...ocean again, being surrounded by it and recharged by all its particles. And when its cold? Any type of untouched nature, its own power to recharge without a plug. The magic how often can the ocean kiss the shore unconditionally and being sent right back every time it does so.

The best way to treat your friends when they come to diner...I always ask what they like first. Then the ideas follow. I love "cooking" with raw living food as it brings subconscious hide feelings and I love to show to friends how raw food can taste close to cooked food or normal recipes without them knowing its raw.

One of my favorite things to cook ...
I don't cook. I create, blend, mix and mash ...... I love making raw pizzas as not many people believe its possible....gluten, dairy free, grainfree with no chemicals and as close to nature as possible. It's the type of pizza which will make you feel good after eating it too! And it doesn't harm any animal.

What inspires me...Beautiful, selfless people with a big hearts ....nature and ocean again. Unconditional love, as there is not much of it anymore.

My beauty routine...Never comes from outside. I don't use anything in particular. If anything, I'm a big fan of rose hip oil. The beauty routine will be from sunrise to sunset : two of my favourite parts of the day. Keep hydrated, eat alkaline, respect others, enjoy your life.

My "péché mignon"...Good organic red wine.

When I need to disconnect...little cute waves and surf on sunset, preferably on a empty beach surrounded by good friends and sharing the memories.

Before bed...good book with a good relaxing music in the background 

Favorite adresses in Sydney...Northern beaches, Palm beach and Bungan beach.....and Rozelle markets because they remind me Europe.


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